Lester and Mike

Acadia National Park, Maine 2021

Ok, this is a long story involving not one but two Glass Cathedrals! I ran a competition many moons ago – people told me what their dream Glass Cathedral would be. The winner was Lester Corpuz in NYC. This was his entry:

“My boyfriend surprised me at JFK airport with a sign of my name after I came back from a 10-day trip. As I walked out of the terminal, he was there holding up the sign. This captures a special moment for me as this is when I knew he was the perfect one for me. I would love to use a glass cathedral as a way to propose to him. Thank you!”

Then! The story got even better as Lester described more about that airport reunion:

“Another piece of info about that night and moment. I go by my nickname Lester but my legal name is Alistaire. And as a teaser for him, I told him I wouldn’t tell him my real name until we were much more serious with each other. He kept telling me throughout my trip that he found my name and he would reveal it to me “soon”. And low and behold, he did his homework and found my full legal name and surprised me with it at the airport.”

Nick LOVED this gift when Lester gave it to him…
BUT Lester did not propose at the same time…
Awwwww, Lester…. ! !! ??

But it was because he had ANOTHER PLAN….

Lester decided to commission a whole new Glass Cathedral with which to propose.
This time including their newly adopted dog, Sydney.
And this time, he really did use it to propose. And Nick said YES!

A work-in-progress shot below  – resulting in a miniature haircut for little Lester and choosing the bigger of the two Sydneys.