Lisa Swerling

Marin County, California 2019

I was born in Cape Town, and moved to London as a teenager. After studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxford University I studied Art at Central St. Martins in London.

With my husband Ralph Lazar, I packed in my ‘proper job’ and moved to the Seychelles in 1999, where we worked on creative projects and formed our graphic art licensing company Last Lemon.

Back in London in 2003, an architect friend gave me a tiny chewed-up, spat-out figurine, who I lovingly placed in a wooden box. Suddenly, life was breathed into that careworn man. And with that, the “Glass Cathedrals” concept – magical miniature worlds in boxes – was born.

All sorts of odd, funny, poignant and wonderful things started happening in Glass Cathedrals.

– Smoking Kills | A Woman’s Work | The world is a scary place, but I have waterwings | It’s all magic –

Then I began recreating real people in miniature, capturing relationships, moments & places. Including some oh-so-famous peeps (who shall remain nameless, mostly)… The full portfolio of designs and special commissions is housed on a separate website, viewable here.

– Amelie | Sam from Moonrise Kingdom | Frida Kahlo | James Corden & fam –

I moved with my family to Northern California in 2010. At that time, my work began to be shown by galleries at art fairs from London to San Francisco. To date, I have made and sold literally thousands of Glass Cathedrals, which now sparkle in homes all over the world.

– cactus-flower pink studio | with Ralph | RBG | Lots of boxes –